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Mini Star

Use code: FALLFINE20


Mini StarMini Star

Medium Disc

Use code: FALLFINE20


Medium DiscMedium Disc


Evil Eye with pavé white DiamondsEvil Eye with pavé white Diamonds

Lightning Bolt

Use code: FALLFINE20


Lightning Bolt


Small Talon Moon with Pavé White DiamondsSmall Talon Moon with Pavé White Diamonds


Skinny Wishbone with pavé white diamondsSkinny Wishbone with pavé white diamonds

Evil Eye with 1 white diamond

Use code: FALLFINE20


Evil Eye with 1 white diamondEvil Eye with 1 white diamond


Mini Wishbone with pavé White DiamondsMini Wishbone with pavé White Diamonds

Mini Wishbone

Use code: FALLFINE20


Mini WishboneMini Wishbone

Mini Gothic Letter

Use code: FALLFINE20


Mini Gothic LetterMini Gothic Letter


Large Cross with pavé White DiamondsLarge Cross with pavé White Diamonds


Lightning Bolt with Pavé White DiamondsLightning Bolt with Pavé White Diamonds

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