“Queen of Hoops”

The New York Times

Everyday elegance meets impeccable craftsmanship. Our hoops collection have redefined the jewelry industry. More than just statement pieces, each hoop is a celebration of effortless style and thoughtfully crafted for a lifetime of wear.

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A close up shot of a model wearing two oversized hoop earrings facing away from the camera

Dedicated to the details

Meticulously crafted with unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship, including 14K gold posts, each hoop reflects the artistry and quality that define Jennifer Fisher. Our pieces strike a perfect balance between lightweight wear and durable design, making the collection a perfect all-day, everyday companion.

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Model wearing gold hoops, diamond studs, and a gold cuff.

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Image of a model facing the camera wearing medium sized thick gold hoops.

1.5" Maeve Baby Hoops

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Model wearing gold hoops and multiple gold bangles
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2" Samira Hoops

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Picture of Gold 2" Samira Hoops
2" Samira Hoop

Picture of Gold Samira Huggie earrings
Samira Huggies

Picture of 1.5" Samira Huggies in Gold
1.5" Samira Baby Hoop

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Embrace edge and make a statement with a Jennifer Fisher ear stack. Lightweight hoops in multiple sizes and textures frame your face and create surprising contrasts. From petite to 3”, our well-curated collection of sizes are designed to complement your unique look and elevate your personality, no matter your mood.

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