Picture of Mayo Free Tuna on a plate with lettuce on the side.

Mayo-Free Spa Tuna

This is my go-to when I am cooking for the office. It's the girls favorite!



2 8oz cans of organic low sodium white meat tuna
Good dijon mustard (or any variety you prefer but not basic yellow!)
2-3 finely diced fresh jalapeños
12-20 piquillo peppers
½ finely diced red onion
1 can organic white beans
Homemade Italian dressing


Drain the tuna.Using the back of a fork flake the tuna in a bowl until fine.Coat the Tuna with fresh Italian dressing. Salt and pepper to taste.Add mustard and mix well.Add an even amount of jalapeños, piquillo and red onion for color and flavor.Add beans and mash about a ¼ of them keeping the rest whole.Finish with finely chopped cilantro (or Italian parsley if you prefer).

Serve with arugula and lots of peppers and capers. This is also amazing with good quality tortilla chips as a shovel!

Try this at home and share it with us!

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