Buy these sale styles now before they're gone forever.



Jennifer Fisher - Samira Huggies - Rose GoldSamira Micro Huggies



Michelle Micro HuggiesMichelle Micro Huggies

3" Thread Hoops
Final Sale



 Jennifer Fisher - 3'' Thread Hoops on model - Yellow GoldJennifer Fisher - 3'' Thread Baby Hoops - Yellow Gold



1" Michelle Mini Hoops1" Michelle Mini Hoops

Lilly Coil Ring
Final Sale



Lilly Coil RingLilly Coil Ring

Hailey Huggies
Final Sale


Hailey HuggiesHailey Huggies



Weightless Hollow Tube Slice ChokerWeightless Hollow Tube Slice Choker



Abstract Line RingAbstract Line Ring

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