Gold / Chains / Charm Necklaces

    We recommend you care for your Jennifer Fisher Fine Jewelry by cleaning it with warm water and diluted mild soap. You can use a soft brush or cloth; avoid using an abrasive material as it can scratch the gold unevenly. Be sure to rinse and gently wipe dry after cleaning. The charm necklace is designed to allow the charms to move around the chain freely. Sometimes you may notice a darkening or smudge-like substance at the top of the charms by the jump rings, this is natural and can be wiped away by using the technique outlined above. When wearing multiple charms together, it is natural for the charms to cloud and dull in different places over time as a result of them rubbing together. Every charm may experience something different based on the respective size, weight and organization on the chain. The charm necklace was designed to be a unique piece and is meant to age naturally to become your own. We recommend to not over polish the charms and let them age organically. This creates a beautiful patina and shows the true life and love of your jewelry.


    If you own one of our one of a kind Jennifer Fisher South Sea Pearls, extra care must be take when cleaning your piece. You can rinse your pearl in its own in warm water but must take extra care not to clean the pearl with any chemicals, abrasive cloths or solutions. When cleaning charm necklace please remove pearl before cleaning the gold and clean separately.


    It is imperative to follow the care instructions for your Jennifer Fisher Enamel. To keep your enamel looking new and vibrant please keep it away from lotions, shampoos and cleansers. Avoid swimming in salt and chlorinated water, and heavy perspiration during exercise. Never Clean Enamel in ultrasonic jewelry cleaners or with ammonia based cleaners.

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