Model wearing white blazer and gold shield charm looking at camera.

Define Your Charm Collection.

Whether you go maximal, minimal or something in between–build a charm stack that represents you and only you.

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The Classic Shield Charm

The Maximalist

Maximal Charms

Statement charms. Bold chains. More is more.

White Diamond J Charm
Jumbo Floating Diamond Minimal Block Letter

Pearl Charm with Inlaid Diamond
Medium White South Sea Pearl with Diamond

Floating Diamond Cross
Jumbo Floating Diamond Cross

Model wearing large gold chain with diamond heart charm.
Model wearing high collar turtleneck and diamond earrings.

The Minimalist

Go understated in minimal charms with an understated edge.

Minimal Charms

Mini Gothic Letter
Mini Gothic Letter

Detail of 14K Gold Chain
14K Long Link Chain

Large Pave Diamond Heart
Large Heart with Diamonds

The Eclectic

When you always take the road less travelled, build a charm collection that represents your unique journey.

Eclectic Charms

Diamond Wishbone Charm
Mini Wishbone with Diamonds

Pearl Charm with Inlaid Diamond
Medium Grey South Sea Pearl with Diamond

Diamond Snake Charm
Small Edgy Snake

The Chain Collection

One size does not fit all. The right chain is as personal as the charm that you pair with it. Go light and long, or thick and taught. Match your mood with a versatile chain that will be as much of an heirloom as your personalized Jennifer Fisher jewelry.

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Model with natural hair wearing long chain with assorted charms over black camisole.
Model with slicked back hair wearing multiple gold chains and assorted charms under white blazer looking directly into camera.

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Model wearing multiple gold hoops stacked up her ear looking away from camera
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Close up detail of charm necklace with assorted charms worn with leather trench coat.
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Close up of model looking past camera wearing multiple diamond earrings and earring Huggies on a single ear.
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