Jennifer fisher in lab diamonds
Jennifer fisher's arm in lab diamonds

The Lab Diamond Collection

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Introducing Lab Diamonds

Renowned for her distinct approach to milestone jewelry, Jennifer Fisher’s lab diamond collection packs a stylistic punch with an uncompromising approach to quality. Utilizing distinct shapes of the finest cut and set in 18K yellow gold, this collection does not simply update the classics, it reinvents them.

Meticulously crafted using cutting edge technology, Jennifer Fisher Lab diamonds are chemically and physiologically identical to their mined counterparts, allowing for innovative shapes and settings with world-class precision. All of our lab diamonds are certified by IGI, one of the top institutions in diamond grading for carat weight, cut, color and clarity.

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Lab rings on a model in a fur coat

Give Your Ring A Facet Lift

What makes an Anniversary Ring? Jennifer Fisher’s use of distinct cuts–think Marquise, Radiant, Emerald and Asscher in eye popping carat weights, can go “ring finger” classic or layered on your hand for a distinctly Jennifer Fisher attitude. The diamonds used in this collection are in the top categories on the quality grading scales.

lab diamond radiant ring

JF Lab - Radiant Anniversary Ring


lab diamond marquise ring

JF Lab - Marquise Anniversary Ring


lab diamond asscher ring

JF Lab - Asscher Anniversary Ring


Hoops: Like Only The Queen Can

The Queen of Hoops does lab diamonds. These hoops have the distinct craftsmanship and visual continuity Jennifer Fisher is known for while utilizing 18k gold and round cut lab diamonds.

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lab diamonds 1.5 thread baby hoops

JF Lab - 1.5" Thread Baby Hoops

lab diamond hoop stack
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lab diamonds 1 thread min hoops

JF Lab - 1" Thread Mini Hoops


lab diamonds round cut huggies

JF Lab - Round Cut Huggies


lab diamonds 2" thread hoops

JF Lab - 2" Thread Hoops


Game On: The Tennis Collection

Remixes the classic silhouette with proprietary details. Featuring a mix of radiant cut lab diamonds, our tennis necklace features a two inch seamless diamond extender, allowing the piece to be worn as a 17” necklace or 15” choker without sacrificing the continuity of the design.

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JF Lab - radiant cut tennis necklace

JF Lab - Radiant Cut Tennis Necklace

JF Lab - radiant cut tennis necklace
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JF Lab - round cut tennis anklet

JF Lab - Round Cut Tennis Anklet

JF Lab - round cut tennis necklace

JF Lab - Round Cut Tennis Necklace


JF Lab - radiant cut tennis bracelet

JF Lab - Radiant Cut Tennis Bracelet


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