Halved dates and cashews covered in melted dark chocolate

Date Turtles

This is the ultimate riff on a caramel turtle - so delicious, caramel-free, and totally clean. Finish with my JF Spicy Salt for the perfect bite. Servings: as many as you want! 


Dates. Halved (I like Rancho Meladuco)
Raw cashews
Dark chocolate, melted
JF Spicy Salt to taste


Step 1: Line your dates on a baking sheet with the exterior-half down.

Step 2: Affix 4 cashews to the inside half of your date so that each slightly juts over the edge.

Step 3: Freeze until solid. One enough time has elapsed, remove them from the freezer and drizzle melted chocolate over as per your preference.

Step 4: Finish with my JF Spicy Salt. Let set, and enjoy!

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