Two slices of grain free bread with mashed avocado, alfalfa sprouts, jalapeño, and radish with a dash of JF Spicy Salt.

Disco Toast

Calling this one “Disco Toast” in honor of last night. Serves 1.


2 slices of grain-free bread, toasted (I like AWG Bakery’s Everything)
Avocado, sliced
Vegan smoked gouda, sliced (I like 365)
Alfalfa sprouts
Jalapeño, deseeded and sliced thin on the mandoline
Radish, sliced thin on the mandolin and cut into matchsticks
Cilantro, coarsely chopped
A drizzle of olive oil (I like Kyoord)
JF Spicy Salt, to taste


Step 1: Using your toasted grain-free bread as a base begin to layer upwards with the avocado, vegan smoked gouda, alfalfa sprouts, jalapeño, radish, and cilantro.

Step 2: Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and my JF Spicy Salt. Enjoy!

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