Two slices of grain free bread smothered with vegan feta, vegan pesto and jam.

Insomnia Toast

When you can’t sleep a late-night toast always hits the spot. This one was so good, don’t knock it till you try it. I went back for a third slice. Serves 1.


2 slices grain-free bread, toasted (I like AWG Bakery’s Rosemary Loaf)
Vegan feta, smashed (I like Trader Joe’s)
Vegan pesto (I like Gotham Greens)
Jam (I like St. Dalfour’s Raspberry & Pomegranate)


Step 1: Using your toasted grain-free bread as a base, begin to build upwards with a layer of vegan feta spread to the edges.

Step 2: Top with a layer of vegan pesto and then an even spread of raspberry & pomegranate jam. So easy - sweet and savory toast. Enjoy!

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