Picture of Cranberry sauce next to rice and chicken on a plate

Grandma Lulie's Orange Cranberry Sauce

This orange cranberry sauce tastes like cherry pie filling but it's cranberry. The tart and sweet taste makeit the perfect side dish to your Thanksgiving dinner table.



1 quart fresh cranberries, rinsed and dried
1⁄2 cup sugar per 1 pack of cranberries (sub coconut sugar)
3 oranges, peeled, trimmed of all pith, and diced into small segments


In a small saucepan heat the cranberries and sugar over medium heat until cranberries burst and begin to cook down. Add in the orange segments and continue to cook until thickened. If too tart, add more sugar to taste. I like to make this a day ahead, so the flavors have a chance to settle.

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